Terms of use (Growth manager)

  1. We require the end user to switch off 2FA for a swift and seamless onboarding.

  1. When we attempt to login, the end user might get a "Was this you?" or "Suspicious Login Attempt" prompt. They need to click on 'This was me' to grant us access to their account.

  1. We will try to login to a location as close to the client as possible. We support 125+ countries at the moment. All first world countries have multiple location support.

  1. Since it's a manual process, it can take upto 48 hours to onboard an account, after we receive their growth strategy.

Growth strategy questions:

  1. What is your Instagram username?
  2. Your Instagram password?

iii. Where do you normally login to Instagram from? (City/State/Country)

  1. Enter hashtags you'd like to target (at least 5)
  2. Enter accounts whose followers you'd like to target (at least 5)
  3. What is the maximum number of people you want to follow at any time? (max. 7500)

Additional targeting questions:

  1. Please list handles of accounts that are similar (same niche & preferably same size) to your account:
  2. What is the age range & geo-location of your target demographic?

iii. What is your favorite account/account you'd like to model your Instagram account after?

  1. Mention 3 news sites / publications / magazines / blogs you would like to see your account featured on?

  1. The more excellent content you post, the better your Instagram growth will be! We typically recommend posting every day for the best growth, but this is totally up to you. Our clients who post great content every day typically have the best results.

  1. We’re interacting with thousands of people every week on your account, so please be aware of this. We’re pushing your account’s Instagram activity to the limits. We recommend keeping your own personal following, unfollowing, and liking to a minimum, as this may interfere with our process.

  1. We will not comment anything on your behalf, and we won’t check your DMs. We won’t edit your profile, and we won’t change your settings. We respect your privacy and your account’s public image, and we’ll try to only interact with the highest quality accounts we can find.

  1. Instagram growth typically is the slowest at the beginning. If you are new to growing on Instagram, it’s all about exponential growth. An account with 100 followers may take a couple of months to get to 5,000 followers. However, that same account with 5,000 followers may only take a few weeks before it’s at 25,000 followers. It all depends on the account, but smaller accounts typically take longer to grow. Please keep this in mind.

  1. Every account is different! Some accounts can take longer to grow than others. Some accounts that have used automation, fake followers, or 3rd party apps can cause growth issues. We are trained Instagram professionals that take this into consideration. We'll do everything we can to get your account back on the right track.

  1. I’m always here to answer your questions. I’ll do everything I can to answer your questions in a prompt manner. I’m usually pretty good at responding right away.

  1. When we start performing activity on your account, Instagram will notice this and tag it as a highly active account. To keep performing activity continuously week after week it is recommended to give your account a rest between activity days. This is done to avoid hitting an action-block loop. And, we typically perform no activity on Sundays.

  1. Your growth manager will be active on your account between 10PM to 8AM CST. Please avoid using the app during this time.

  1. Once logged in, we will intimate your team and begin performing warm up actions on your account in the next 24hrs. 

  1. What is the warm-up phase? We gradually increase the number of daily actions on your account. This process is called the warm up phase. We start with 30 actions on the first day and increase this number by +30 actions every day. The warm up typically lasts a week. Accounts that go through a warm up phase tend to grow faster as we can do more actions (upto 300/day) with way less chances of getting any kind of action blocks.


  1. Why is warming up the account important? We do this to improve your account's trust score for the long term which allows us to do more actions on a daily basis, in turn, facilitating much faster and more stable growth.