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Our Media Publishers will be able to feature your business or website in any of those publications, Here you can see each article and it's price but you cannot just purchase it because we need to analyze your business and see whether it's optimal for you to get publications. For example, publications could be used to build trust with your audience, they could also be used to bring sales to your ecommerce store through seo or by building trust with your store's audience.

Before we feature you, we need to know exactly who and what we are working on, a lot of businesses use publications to their advantage in order to gain from their audience or to possibly trick them, this is something we don't support so you will have to contact us, or schedule a free call with us or email us your information and any details you would like to share so we can make a decision!


 (These are the Normal Prices, make sure you check our bundles at the bottom)

USA Today (classifieds) 200
Bloomberg 3000
enterpreneur us 2500
Buzzfeed 250
Thrive  250
Entrepreneur India (without disclaimer) 2500
TechTimes 800
Vibe 1000
KPopstarz 300
The Frisky 300
Omega Underground 200
Good Men Project (disclaimer) 500
Forbes India (with disclaimer) 1000
LA Weekly 1500
Thrive Global 100
IMC Grupo 200
University Herald 300
VMagazine 1500
Latin Post 300
Vcpost 300
Tech Bullion 250
Nature worldnews 300
IB Times (Australia) 1000
HNGN 300
iTechpost 300
Boomsbeat 300
Enstarz 300
Latinos Post 300
Science World Report 300
Kdramastarz 300
IB Times Singapore 200
tech Bullion 100
Gamenguide 300
VMan 1500
Parent Herald 300
Counselheal 300
la progressive 200
Medium 150
sciencetimes 300
food world news 300
newsblaze 300
celebmix 200
realty Today 300
travelers today 300
sports world news 300
sports world report 300
ceo world biz 700
space coast daily 300
Times Bulletin 250
baltimore post examiner 200
youth health mag 300
Break News 150
hype magazine 300
lawyer herald 350
franchise herald 350
capcod 350
vents magazine 100
explosion 150
net news ledger 150
side-line magazine 300
influencive 250
new theory 200
enews.20 150
time business news 150
big times daily 150
one world herald 150
the wrap up magazine 150
the american reporter 100
tribune byte 150
american daily post 150
Forbes  7000
BO herald 150
one west magazine 200
seekers time 150
DJiceberg.com 200
apstermedia 100
london daily post 200
globe stats 100
insta bulletin 100
statsman 150
deccan herald 200
california herald 150
verna magazine 100
open the news 100
all news buzz 100
sportz weekly 100
us times now 100

stats globe







  • 2 publications of our choice: 100
  • 4 publications (Buzzfeed, Thrive Global, Medium, Break News): 250
  • 7 publications of our choice: 300
  • 10 publications of our choice: 450


If you are working with us for the first time we would highly recommend you to choose one of the bundles as they are more affordable and really good offers.

For any questions or concerns feel free to contact us through the form below or schedule a free strategy call here