5 Benefits to Getting Published in Large Publications

It’s a thrilling experience to see your name, your business on a large publication for the first time. As your article goes live, you anticipate all the good things that come with being published by a large media outlet.

Here are five benefits to getting featured in a large publication:


1. You get more readers, which means more clients. A large publication, by nature, has a lot of readers. When your work is more visible, more readers can learn about what you do or what your business does. Some become dedicated followers and eventually some become clients. The results of posting an article on a large publication are ten to a hundred times greater than posting on a small, niche site. There are a couple caveats though. First, the publication should be a fit with the industry you operate in. For instance, a publication targeting fitness-oriented readers is going to respond more positively to an article about food and exercise, while a business publication is more likely to talk about startup life and entrepreneurship. Second, a larger publication does not always correlate with better results. A piece you contribute may not be heavily promoted, so it gets fewer views than a site with a smaller readership. For this reason, you should aim to contribute to a site at least a couple of times to see results. Generally speaking though, publications with high viewership lead to more email subscribers.


2. You establish instant credibility. Trust is difficult to acquire, especially in this day and age. So how do you develop instant credibility? By letting others know who or what you associate with. Regarding your business and other aspects. Think about it: Who would you warm up to, a stranger or a stranger who’s associated with something familiar? Of course the second one would win. It’s similar to how you feel when you learn someone went to the same school or is a member of the same organisation. Contributing to large publications means that your work has been vetted by authority sources. When people look up your name or your company, what do they see? If recognisable sites such as Thrive, Buzzfeed or Medium show up, your work is taken much more seriously. You can also mention on your website and social presences where you’ve been featured to provide credibility and increase your social proof.


3. You can connect with other entrepreneurs. After being featured on large publications as such, organisations, people, are more likely to find and connect with you. Companies that see a fit between their services and your audience reach out to form partnerships. You might get offers for paid opportunities such as consulting, writing, or a collaborative project. Other times, entrepreneurs, content creators, freelancers and possibly people that can bring real value to your business reach out to expand their network. They want to exchange ideas on growth, overcoming obstacles, and possible ways to work together. While these aren’t always paid opportunities, it’s valuable to share knowledge and support with others.


4. You gain valuable experience from the publication process. When you contribute to a large publication, you often get to work with professional editors who provide valuable feedback. While every publication has their own system, there are certain skills and experiences that are useful no matter what platform you’re published to. You learn to figure out what type of topics and articles resonate so that you can cater to readers. You’re also able to test out your ideas on a large scale and see how the audience responds. In the process, you learn more about the editing, writing, and publishing that goes into you or your business being on a large publication than you would elsewhere. These learning experiences can be applied anywhere.


5. You get featured on other publications more easily. Once you get featured on a large publication, it becomes easier to get featured on other large publications. The reason this occurs is because when one publication accepts your work, you can show your past articles to another large publication. The second publication sees that someone has vetted your work, your company is worthy and a good fit for their publication. Basically, you’re a safer bet than someone who hasn’t been featured on large outlets before. You might also benefit from something called syndication. Large publication form partnerships with other sites so they can pick up articles originally posted somewhere else. An example being, an article about your business was published in Buzzfeed, it got thousands of shares. A couple weeks later, the same article could be syndicated on Influencive. No matter what stage your business is in, these are some reasons why it’s worth getting featured on a large publication.

Publications are probably amongst the best ROI for you business!